Trauma - From Individual Helplessness to Group Resources Gisela Perren-Klingler
Verlag Paul Haupt Bern

out of print

Trauma concerns everybody. Violence, be it in the form sexual abuse, traffic accidents, environmental disasters, war crimes or torture, affects not only the direct victims, but their families and the concerned helping professionals as well.
In this book 13 experts from all over the world describe how they deal with the consequences of violence, trauma. Their experience comes from various national, social and cultural settings. They do not use an individual and therapy oriented approach, but they stress the resources of groups and enhance coping skills.
Through mobilization of all possible resources, individual, familial, cultural, and the potentiating effect of groups they promote the psychological ability to cope. The aim of the interventions is that traumatized persons and groups learn to live with their psychological scars and that they start to trust again in their future.